Rick Pignone at Steward Partners Global Advisory welcomes you to explore our full-serviceindependent partnership. Our firm is geographically focused in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. We are headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in New York, New Jersey, New England, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Maryland and Florida.

Steward Partners Global Advisory is designed to provide boutique concierge service, customized solutions, and a professional focus on the client experience. By modernizing the classic partnership model, Steward Partners Global Advisory has introduced an evolved “Full Service Independent Partnership” designed and built to address the critically important demands of today’s sophisticated advisors and investors.

Rick Pignone at Steward Partners Global Advisory truly values his client relationships which is the reason why Rick came into the investment industry over 25 years ago. Steward Partners has aligned ourselves with Raymond James so that we can offer a full suite of products and services, while sharing our vision and values of a “culture of caring” for our clients, our partners and our families.